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Mechanical Time Recorders  Electronic Time Recorders Display Clocks

KP230DI Time Recorder   Wayfu Time & Date Stamp

$645.87+GST   $758.18+GST

Acroprint Facial Recognition Time Recorder



Acroprint Proximity Time Recorder



Acroprint Biometric Fingerprint Time Recorder



Public Dispay Clocks

Public Display Clocks

Systems P.O.A.


Time Cards and Job Cards

   bundle (250)  @  $60+gst

   box of 1000   @ $220+gst

Print Ribbon     @  $72+gst

10 Card Rack     @  $25+gst

25 metal s/h     @  $25+gst

Weekly Time Cards        Daily Job Card

Weekly(Green) Job(Red)

Terminal $1,798.59+GST

Optional extras:

Keyfobs     @ $8.00+GST

Prox Badges @ $6.00+GST

Proximity Badges

Prox Badges

Terminal $1,362.44+GST

KeyFobs     @ $8.00+GST

Prox Badges @ $6.00+GST


 Key Ring Tags

Keyfob (Keyring tags)

Terminal $1,590.33+GST

  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Local Goverment
  • Civil Defence
  • Corporates
  • Institutions
  • Anywhere that quality synchronised clocks will benefit business


Prices of import to order product are indexed to the nzd/usd exchange rate as calculated on the day. Please confirm prices with us before placing an order

Jira Business Ltd (Lyndon) specialises in TimeQPlus product software, (job + wages related issues), networking, all general accountancy (eoy/gst returns, business startup and management), and IRD Tax Agency services

Jira NZ Ltd will continue to focus on its historic role of support/supply of time clocks hardware.