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Wages & Public Display Clocks

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Electronic Time Recorders (TimeQPlus Software)

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KP230DI Time Recorder   Wayfu Time & Date Stamp

$645.87+GST   $758.18+GST
Public Dispay Clocks

Public Display Clocks

Systems P.O.A.

Acroprint Facial Recognition Time Recorder



Acroprint Proximity Time Recorder



Acroprint Biometric Fingerprint Time Recorder




Time Cards and Job Cards

   bundle (250)  @  $60+gst

   box of 1000   @ $220+gst

Print Ribbon     @  $72+gst

10 Card Rack     @  $25+gst

25 metal s/h     @  $25+gst

Weekly Time Cards        Daily Job Card

Weekly(Green) Job(Red)

  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Local Goverment
  • Civil Defence
  • Corporates
  • Institutions
  • Anywhere that quality synchronised clocks must show the same time.

Terminal $1,798.59+GST

Optional extras:

Keyfobs     @ $8.00+GST

Prox Badges @ $6.00+GST


Terminal $1,362.44+GST

KeyFobs     @ $8.00+GST

Prox Badges @ $6.00+GST


Proximity Badges Key Ring Tags

Prox Badges & Keyfobs

Terminal $1,590.33+GST

Over the years, we have liased with many overseas manufacturers as advisors and beta testers to source product suitable for use in NZ, not as dealers or stockists, but as consultants. The above products represent a cross section of best stable version product that is compliant with current NZ electrical and labour laws and which has good customer report. Manufacturers give us special access to product lines which we can make available to small/medium business customers on a "import to order" basis where the NZ version of their international product will be "made to order".

The traditional wages time clocks (above left) are for use with time cards. They are cost effective for small to medium business applications preferring manual wages and jobbing process. They support both fixed and flexible shifts and weekly or fortnightly or monthly pay periods.

The electronic time clocks (above right) allow for automated wages calculations through to seamless payroll. Using the proven TimeQPlus software, the various terminals can be networked in a business across departments or across the country where there may be branches in different cities. Alternatively, any terminal can be run as a single application standalone time clock using USB flashdrive downloads for manual wages preparation back in the office or home. Several standalone clocks can also be operated as a network by manual USB flashdrive download if ethernet is not available. The facial recognition terminal is most often chosen. Fingerscan is to prevent "buddy punching" and Proximity suits the ordinary small to medium business with the uncomplicated workforce.

The multi-clock public display synchronised systems are for larger installations such as chicken farms (really!), corporates, institutions, e.g. hospitals, libraries, government buildings, etc. Systems are available in many options for new or retrofit applications. e.g. Sapling wifi clocks run on 7-10 year batteries and are user programmed with an ip address to receive their automatic time updates over the local area network. Coverage is only as good as the customer wifi service in use and this limitation needs to be thought through as NZ building construction technology relating to earthquake codes can obstruct wifi paths.  Saplings 24vdc "two wire system" is in common use for new buildings although it can also reuse existing cabling. "Two wire" would have to be the most cost effective wired option in terms of outlay and simplicity of installation. It's practically "plug n play" where one electrician expressed surprise at how easy it was because he had expected something complicated.

These are global product lines not specifically targeted at the relatively insignificant NZ market. For that reason they are available in the NZ approved versions on a "made to order" basis subject to manufacturer-driven terms of supply .

Please note that prices of import to order product are subject to the nzd/usd exchange rate on the day of ordering. This rate is volatile and can change at any time. Prices above are representative only and please confirm the current prices with us before placing an order

FYI we operate as two independent companies in mutual support:

Jira Business Ltd (Lyndon) for electronic time recorders + software + apps, wages & payroll, general accountancy & IRD tax agency support

Jira NZ Ltd for traditional electro-mechanical job and wages time recorders, multi-clock display systems & related manufacturer warranties.