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KP230DI Time Recorder


Wayfu Time & Date Stamp


Acroprint Facial Recognition Time Recorder



Acroprint Proximity Time Recorder



Acroprint Biometric Fingerprint Time Recorder



Public Dispay Clocks

Public Display Clocks

Systems P.O.A.

Terminal $1,726.02+GST


Keyfobs     @ $8.00+GST

Prox Badges @ $6.00+GST

Proximity Badges

Prox Badges

Terminal $1,318.42+GST

KeyFobs     @ $8.00+GST

Prox Badges @ $6.00+GST


 Key Ring Tags

Keyfob (Keyring tags)

Terminal $1,531.40+GST

  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Local Goverment
  • Civil Defence
  • Corporates
  • Institutions
  • Anywhere that quality synchronised clocks will benefit business

Prices: Time Cards and Job Cards

   bundle of 250 @  $60.00+gst

   box of 1000   @ $220.00+gst

Print Ribbon     @  $72.00+gst

10 Card Rack     @  $25.00+gst

25 metal s/h     @  $25.00+GST

Weekly Time Cards        Daily Job Card

Weekly(Green) Job(Red)


Important: Final prices for supply of specialised import product are subject to import cost variables. Confirm before placing an order

Accountancy and tax agency services side of our business have transferred to Jira Business Ltd (Lyndon).

Jira New Zealand Ltd will continue to supply time clocks and support existing customer warranties.

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