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Our mission:
We are often asked what "Jira" means. It is loosely derived from an ancient Hebraic expression from before the invention of religion literally meaning "God... taking care of business" or as commonly expressed "God ... our provider".  The name came out of a lot of discussion involving the faith conviction of the original partners and their families at the start of our business. The name invokes the expectation that we must conduct our lives with integrity and from that base we must strive to do our best on behalf of our customers and clients. Our motivation principal may be summarised as Micah 6:8

Our History:

What is now Jira New Zealand Ltd started off in the early 70's servicing Pye Cambridge fleet radio telephones for trucking companies.

In 1990, established as Jira Communications Ltd, it assimilated the regional customer base of an international office supplies company which quit NZ during the recession. It was from that company that it inherited time control systems sales and servicing but the focus at that time was still on contract servicing fleet R/T's on repeater systems.

The focus on communications gradually changed as time control systems developed a greater significance gradually leading to a primary refocus on time & attendance employee recording systems, wages and payroll management which in turn expanded into wider taxation and accountancy services which then took on a life of their own until a new business division had to be formed with a dedicated manager and staff as separate from the time clock business..

The continued growth of business in public display clocks nationally lead into contract supply to Government and corporates particularly in respect of synchronised multi-clock systems such as are seen in hospitals, universities, libraries, public buildings and larger corporate entities.

The company name was changed in early 2012 to Jira New Zealand Ltd to better represent the range and geographical extent of the work now being undertaken.

In 2017 the two aspects of the business (corporate tax services and time clock systems) were separated with a new company called Jira Business Ltd created under the ownership of the former business manager and his wife, This left the original company free to focus on the special interest of time clocks. Both companies still work together as and when required.