Now operating as two independent companies

03 689 1374 Jira New Zealand Ltd (Garth)

03 471 1219  Jira Business Ltd (Lyndon)




Jira New Zealand Limited
PO Box 6125
New Zealand.
           03 689 1374   (Garth @ 0274 381 300) (Paula @ 027 339 1860)

Courier Address Label:

[Name of your courier]

[their Invercargill street address]

Please contact

Jira New Zealand Ltd

Garth  03-689-1374


Jira Business Ltd

Call Lyndon at 021 333 653

Office 03 741 1219



Courier Address Label:

[Name of your Courier]

[their Oamaru street address]

Please contact

Jira Business Ltd

Lyndon  021 333 653

When Sending us a package by Courier:

For couriers who can not deliver to a post box, please address it to their Invercargill/Oamaru depot street address (i.e. not to our address). Then include our contact name and phone number. When their depot receive a package for us, they call us to go collect it.

Reason:  Some of the main courier agents do not like to deliver to the outer suburbs (rural areas) because it's not cost effective. They redirect packages via the ordinary postal services which takes longer and there is more handling risk. It is complicated but we worked out this compromise solution and it works.