Now operating as two independent companies

03 689 1374 Jira New Zealand Ltd (Garth)

03 471 1219  Jira Business Ltd (Lyndon)





PO Box 6125


Office  03 689 1374




About couriers:

If sending a package to us by New Zealand Post or by Courier Post then address it as above.

For all other couriers please address it to that courier company's Invercargill depot street address   (i.e not to our address) and somewhere on the address label include our contact details so they can call us to arrange our own pickup:

Contact: JIRA NZ LTD

Garth 03 689 1374



Office 03 741 1219 or 021 333 653  




Address courier packages to the courier company you normally use at their Oamaru depot street address (i.e not our address) and somewhere on the address label include our contact details for pickup:

Contact: Jira Business Ltd 

Lyndon 021 333 653

When Sending us a package by Courier:

For couriers who can not deliver to a post box, please address it to their Invercargill (or Oamaru) depot street address (i.e. NOT to our address). Make sure to include our contact name and phone number on the label. Now, when their depot receives a package for us they call us to collect it.

Background:  Covid left many small businesses with the option of working from home or closing down. As a result, some Couriers are having to deal with unexpected volumes of commercial deliveries to non-business sectors which is stretching their resources and budgets. Some couriers are dealing with it by surcharging for business deliveries to addresses located in a residential zone. In other cases some Couriers do not deliver to fringe areas but redirect packages for final delivery by ordinary or Rural Mail delivery. There is no totally acceptable solution.  In discussion with local couriers we have been advised that senders who are impacted by the new difficulties may address packages to the Courier's own local depot providing the end-customers contact details are clearly included. In this case the courier company will call us so we can arrange to pickup from their depot.  It is at best a compromise but so far we find it is a workable solution.