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The following are the standard Terms of Trade under which we do business.
When Ordering, the following details must be supplied:    
(1) what you want to purchase
(2) your purchase order (or name of person authorised to purchase)
(3) full legal name of your business and its office address (for accounts)
(4) full street or physical address (for courier delivery)

Payment:   Payment is accepted by online direct credit, cheque, or cash (but not by credit card).

We may ask for payment in advance from first time new customers, for small orders, for import to order purchases, internet sales (Trademe, Sella etc), and/or where circumstances may dictate.(overdue account, stop-credit etc).

Existing customers with established credit pay on standard terms (e.g. 7 days, 20th month, or as specified in the header of the invoice).


Statements are not issued:  Please pay on invoice.

Proforma Invoice:  This is the formalising of an understanding of pricing reached in discussion (as distinct from a quotation).

Period valid:

(1) In the case of goods held in NZ, payment should be received within a week.

(2) For import to order goods, final pricing is subject to the Kiwi dollar rate of exchange on international currency markets and this can change daily. For this reason we can only hold the price whilst the exchange rate doesn't change. This may be a day or a week and it is out of our control. Same day payment is recommended but if payment is delayed and the dollar rate is affected in that time, we may have to adjust the price.

In all cases, orders will be processed on confirmation of payment and a full GST Tax Invoice Receipt will be supplied with delivery.

Policy on Overdue Accounts:    If there is any reason why an invoice should not be paid by the due date, please advise us before it becomes "overdue".   We are always willing to try to work through any issues or problems. Accounts remaining unpaid beyond the due date for payment without explanation or good reason may be placed with debt control. In the case of an unresolvable dispute the matter may be referred for adjudication (Disputes Tribunal etc).

Import Spot Pricing:  Spot price references the total cost at the  currency exchange rate on the day (often the best option for buying).

Customers wishing to take advantage of the day Spot Price rate please note:

To secure an order at the day spot price, payment in full is required the same day as the offer. If we can transfer payment overseas on the same day then all costs and charges are fixed for that transaction with no additional charges.

For customers not able to take advantage of this process, a spot price offer can be extended to 7 days. In this case a deposit of 60% is required which must be paid within the 7 days. The order will be held and not processed to the factory until such payment has been confirmed. The remaining 40% is due by the 20th month following delivery (after importation process),  plus any additional costs  incurred in the interim due to factors beyond our control between the dates of quotation and completion of import process.

Note additional costs can include airline freight fuel surcharges (which are reset weekly), changes to the currency exchange rate, time of import fixed user charges (taxes), NZ Customs "virtual freight" new taxes, brokerage charges (affected by the above), and especially unforseen random events such as in the case of mainland China recently, their sudden imposition of a new export tax without warning, raising the price of some unsecured goods already in transit etc .

Cancelling Orders.  Most of the goods we import on behalf of our customers are not off-the-shelf items but are made specifically to order at an overseas factory. A customer who has placed a firm order involving manufacturing process either overseas or in NZ and who then wishes to cancel the order must inform us as early as possible in the process. This is because there may be costs involved in cancelling an order where it has reached the production phase. In such cases the customer will be expected to pay any costs associated with a late cancellation.

Expanded Details:
1)        We offer to import select product as a service and on behalf of trade customers who contact us knowing what they want, providing we can get it, the price is acceptable, and it is understood there will be a delay until it arrives from the overseas suppliers. (delivery times from experience can range from 3 days to 45 days depending on product type, supplier manufacturing schedules, and country of origin). Product we source is typically made to order to customer specification so can not be considered as regular stock suitable for later sale to other customers.
Note: Where customer "Terms of Purchase" may conflict with our "Terms of Supply" we are unable to vary our terms where we are constrained by external factors beyond our control (as imposed on us by the nature of the international import trade). We are always willing to work with such customers for example where they may be able to purchase through their inhouse sub-contract arrangements but otherwise in the case of irreconcilable difference we regret we may not be in a position to supply.
2)         Overseas purchases must be paid for as per our standard payment options when the order is placed. Orders are not refundable or returnable except in special circumstances by mutual agreement. These are terms as set by our overseas suppliers as a condition for supply of small orders and generically represent standard practice for this type of business.
3)       RTB (Return To Base) Warranty: If you believe it has failed through manufacturing process defect within a period of agreement, you must return it to us for assessment. Subject to confirmation of cause of failure being a defect, the equipment may be repaired or replaced and returned at no charge.

Note: Warranty or service agreement does not cover failure caused by external factors unrelated to manufacture process such as power spikes, lightning, vandalism, carelessness, user errors, subsequent damage resulting from neglect to take protective action (eg switch it off) when a fault first occurrs, or damage resulting from failure to take reasonable action to prevent further deterioration etc.

Actual Example: "it was buzzing loudly for a week but it kept working then it started smoking so we called you"

The fault was caused by a loose paperclip which fell into the mechanism through carelessness but which could have been removed before the major damage occurred if it had been reported promptly.

Please tell us immediately of any problems within the warranty period!


Disclaimer  We provide support for product we supply but not for external service applications supplied by others.We cannot intrude on Agreements and Contracts you may have with others.(eg we do not service your modems or routers or telephone lines just because you may access your time clock over the internet).

4)        Please contact us for current pricing before placing an order. Final sales prices for import product are indexed to the NZ dollar international currency exchange rate which changes minute by minute and which may have changed the final prices from those seen on this website. For example, if the Kiwi dollar has risen in value against the currency of the country where the order is placed and the current weekly airline freight fuel surcharges have remained stable then our final supply prices may be cheaper etc. In all cases we quote prices based on the sell rate on the day (Westpac) an order is placed.
5)        NZD pricing is by default exclusive of GST except where indicated.
6)        The rule is "Do not place an order if you are not 100% committed to buying the equipment". We will do our best to answer your questions and supply requested material so that you can be informed before you make a decision to purchase. If you do place an order, you will be expected to pay for it. These are not off-the-shelf retail products which can be restocked where each order is individually manufactured per customer. For this reason there are no returns and no refunds outside of warranty related matters excepting by mutual agreement in special circumstances.
7)        Again - Please note our Policy on Overdues accounts and on orders which are placed but not paid for (see above). This warning should not have any relevance for a reliable and honest customer but we have to put it in here to cover ourselves against eventualities.
Thanks for your understanding