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We service a wide range of public display clocks across the country including historic town centre clocks, impulse clocks and just too many proprietary protocol driven systems to mention here. We have been doing this for so long that we have spares or compatible parts for many of the systems out there.

Town Clocks:

These typically have 1, 2, 3 or 4 dial faces and are variants on the common master slave concept where a controller in the base of the tower enables remote slave mechanisms driving the clock hands at the head.  (Click here to see our Gallery of just a few)

Multi-clock systems:

Whilst there are numerous clever and innovative multi-clock systems available operating on POE, IP, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, Impulse, etc. the fact remains that the traditional reliable master/slave wired concept continues to be the option of choice for serious applications such as new buildings and refurbishment contracts.

Below is an example of the traditional 2-wire Master + Slave clocks system concept in the modern state of the art disguise. Instead of the old clickover minutes concept, it now utilises highly advanced modern digital technology where each clock is a mini-computer capable of self regulation without user intervention. New clocks are typically installed in new buildings and to update older existing systems where it can re-utilise existing wiring infrastructure to realise significant installation cost savings. These systems are in common use worldwide and throughout NZ.

New systems have to be composed to suit each application and for that reason final prices can only be provided by package requirements..


Sapling 2 wire system





2-Wire 24V System by Sapling of the USA

Shown alongside is a Master Clock 2-wire system inclusive of power converter box and analogue/digital clock options.

The output from the master clock is converted to provide power and data over a single pair circuit to all slave clocks on the system. One converter box will support over 150 analogue clocks and additional units can be added at any point in the system at any time to increase system capacity into the thousands.

Both analogue and digital clocks are supported on the same two wire circuit which loops around all clock locations. Clocks added to the circuit will auto self correct within seconds and the system will update immediately following a power cut and for daylight savings corrections.

2-wire digital system brochure


3-Wire 230V System by Sapling of the USA

There is a 3-wire 230vac clock system in common institutional and corporate use based on an old IBM protocol originally marketed in NZ under the Simplex brand although worldwide there were a number of manufacturers. Sapling offer state of the art modern product that can be used to retrofit these older systems.

3-wire analogue system brochure